iTWire – How to minimize IT Infrastructure complexity

Posted by June 14, 2023

GUEST OPINION: The complexity of your IT infrastructure has several effects, dictating the costs associated with your network, the performance of your netwo

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How companies achieve a fast accounting close

Posted by April 28, 2023

CFOs and corporate controllers are almost always looking to close their company's books (in accordance with all regulations) faster and more efficiently. In tod

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The Best Accounting Software Applications…And Other Small Business Tech News…

Posted by February 26, 2023

A secretary working with an accounts ledger and an adding machine, circa 1945. (Photo by FPG/Archive ... [+] Photos/Getty Images)Getty Images Here are five thin

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iTWire – Cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world: What’s in store?

Posted by November 14, 2022

GUEST OPINION: Cybersecurity has always been a significant concern for organizations. But more so during the height of the global pandemic and onwards.  Acc

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