NFL Week 18 Takeaways: The Chiefs, Bills, Eagles, and 49ers…

Posted by January 9, 2023

Behold! The NFL playoffs are upon us.Image: Getty ImagesThe NFL regular season is over. No need for RedZone, or multiple televisions set up in the den to proper

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Who are the top five defenders in the NBA?

Posted by January 5, 2023

Image: Getty ImagesIn this current era of NBA basketball, it’s all about who can shoot and dominate on the offensive end of the court. The days of lockdown de

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Lillard nominating himself as the second-best shooter in NBA history…

Posted by December 20, 2022

Image: Getty ImagesDamian Lillard’s Trail Blazers career has reached an inflection point where his legacy is solidifying. We feel it, fans feel it, the record

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House Republicans Circulated Partially Nude Images of Former NFL Cheerleaders

Posted by December 15, 2022

Rachel Engleson, former Washington Commanders director of marketing and client relations, during a congressional hearing on sexual harassment in her former work

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Dan Snyder’s alleged corruption oozed into nearly every pore of…

Posted by November 10, 2022

UghPhoto: API don’t mean to go down a whole rabbit hole dive into corporate personhood, but team owners infuse their NFL franchises with personalities. The Da

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Welp, it turns out the Bills were every bit as…

Posted by October 31, 2022

Josh Allen and the Bills are rolling.Illustration: Getty ImagesWhile there is no guarantee that the Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl this season, there is

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