IG MILF Monday: Fit Golf Gal | 94.5 The Buzz…

Posted by February 13, 2023

Brother Rod, I have a MILF that will blow your mind. I heard you are doing another golf tournament. Get her down here, and you will sell out immediately. I l

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The Lamest U.S. Landmark to Visit Is . . .…

Posted by January 23, 2023

There's a new survey out on American landmarks, and one question they asked was: "What was your LEAST favorite U.S. landmark?" And there were more than 30 cho

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The 20 Best Slasher Movies, According to “Entertainment Weekly”  |…

Posted by October 28, 2022

Halloween is Monday, so why not have a scary movie marathon this weekend? If you need ideas, "Entertainment Weekly" lists the 20 best slasher movies. Here t

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