Junk-Rated Companies Are Borrowing Again

Posted by March 6, 2023

Bond yields have been rising again lately. That could create complications for low-rated companies that had just st

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The Feds Think Southwest Scheduled Too Many Flights During 2022’s…

Posted by January 26, 2023

Image: Kevin Dietsch (Getty Images)The Southwest travel drama at the end of 2022 took place just over a month ago, but the airline is still feeling the ripple e

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Bain Capital Considers Virgin Australia IPO as Travel Demand Rebounds

Posted by January 16, 2023

ADELAIDE, Australia—Bain Capital is considering an initial public offering of Australia’s second-largest airline in what would be a new test of investor app

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Southwest’s Flight Cancellation Fiasco Might Cost the Company $800 Million

Posted by January 6, 2023

Southwest’s cancellation problems were likely the result of antiquated software and phone systems, which failed to keep track of pilots, flight attendants, an

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