The NFL is having another fake diversity program for coaches…

Posted by May 19, 2023

No one fakes the funk like the NFL. Despite being investigated by New York and California Attorneys General for allegations of hostile workplace discrimination,

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One in six NFL fans think the league is rigged

Posted by March 13, 2023

You’re in trouble, NFL.Image: Getty ImagesHollywood’s award season came to a close Sunday night with Everything Everywhere All at Once winning nearly every

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This NFL wide receiver is Gargoyle on The Masked Singer

Posted by March 9, 2023

On Wednesday afternoon, FOX’s hit show The Masked Singer released footage from its new episode that aired last night. It’s of someone with a rather large an

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The Super Company Announces It’s Not Renewing Sponsorship Contract With…

Posted by February 6, 2023

ATLANTA—The professional football world was reportedly rocked Monday when the Super Company issued a press release announcing that it would not renew its spon

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Best football movies to watch before the Super Bowl

Posted by February 4, 2023

Image: Getty ImagesAnother movie that could be considered over the top, but those who believe that are sadly mistaken. This is a work of art by Oliver Stone. Su

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Study: Majority Of NFL Owners Wouldn’t Let Their Children Purchase…

Posted by January 20, 2023

BOSTON—As concerns about the long-term consequences of NFL participation continue to grow, a new study released Friday found that a majority of NFL owners wou

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