Infrastructure as SQL on AWS: IaSQL Enters Beta Adding Multi-Region…

Posted by March 4, 2023

The open-source service IaSQL recently announced its beta release. Designed to manage cloud infrastructure using SQL, IaSQL introduced support for AWS

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Ably Terraform Provider Aims to Power Realtime Architectures Using Infrastructure…

Posted by February 20, 2023

Developed by Ably in partnership with HashiCorp, the Ably Terraform Provider enables using Terraform, a popular open-source infrastructure as code (IaC

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Infrastructure from Code: The New Wave of Cloud Infrastructure Management

Posted by February 5, 2023

Infrastructure-from-Code (IfC) is an approach that creates, configures, and manages cloud resources understanding a software application's source code,

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Google Delivers Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Reliability Guide

Posted by January 24, 2023

Google recently delivered a cloud infrastructure reliability guide combining best practices and expertise from its engineers for its customers. The gu

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CIO Insights: Work-Bench VC Jonathan Lehr And Team On Enterprise…

Posted by December 28, 2022

Work-Bench Cofounder and General Partner Jonathan Lehr Courtesy of Work-Bench I first met Jonathan Lehr shortly after he and Jessica Lin cofounded Work-Bench al

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Risk Management Can Accelerate (And Simplify) Business Transformation

Posted by December 15, 2022

The chief financial officer is now the chief reinvention officer, charged with overseeing integrated ... [+] business and technology initiatives that require c

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Rezonate Launches Identity Protection Platform For Cloud Infrastructure

Posted by December 6, 2022

Cloud computing requires security to be effectivegetty Rezonate’s new cloud identity platform is designed to protect cloud resources against identity-based at

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Top 250 Ranking of French Software Companies Places Quadient Fifth…

Posted by November 25, 2022

Top 250 Ranking of French Software Companies Places Quadient Fifth in ‘Horizontal Publishers’ Category Quadient ranked 15th overall of 250 French software

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Elbit System : ‘ Simulation Infrastructure Becomes Cloud Native |…

Posted by November 24, 2022

A cloud native infrastructure enhances scalability and connectivity, while simplifying upgrades and maintenance Elbit Systems transf

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iTWire – Cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world: What’s in store?

Posted by November 14, 2022

GUEST OPINION: Cybersecurity has always been a significant concern for organizations. But more so during the height of the global pandemic and onwards.  Acc

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