Is Biden’s Commerce Department unknowingly taxing US companies for China’s…

Posted by August 21, 2023

Give President Joe Biden some credit for his recent executive order to curb investments with China for the protection of national security. But he probably

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The holidays aren’t looking good for US clothing sales –…

Posted by June 18, 2023

Representative ImageThere are warning signals that some US retailers are bracing for apparel and footwear sal

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Opinion | When Big Business Married Big Government

Posted by March 26, 2023

When liberals look back on the Biden presidency, they may hail its greatest accomplishment as ushering in a new era of corporate government dependency. Without

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Review Of “Chip War: The Fight For The World’s Most…

Posted by November 4, 2022

The battle for the multi-billion-dollar struggle for semiconductor supremacy in an ... [+] increasingly-digitized world will only intensify in the years to come

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