✈️Top-rated airlines, travel buying guide from consumer experts

Posted by June 20, 2023

High fares. Hidden fees. Long security lines. Shrinking seats. Crowded cabins. There’s room for improvement, especially if you’re sitting in coach, accordin

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Booking a flight? Customers rate airlines

Posted by June 5, 2023

Airline travel is back to what it was pre-pandemic. In fact, it’s predicted that travel this summer will break all-time records. With so many things out of ou

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Consumer Reports questions why companies can still make food with…

Posted by March 17, 2023

Candy is a favorite for kids and adults alike, but some of the sweet treats -- along with other foods, drinks, even medicine -- may be made with a food coloring

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Retailers give consumers early start to holiday shopping with 2…

Posted by October 5, 2022

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Two blockbuster sales events over the next two weeks are giving consumers an earlier start than ever for the holiday shopping season.Targ

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