US Energy Secretary tours Lahaina, pledging federal help to improve…

Posted by September 12, 2023

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm and Hawaiʻi Gov. Josh Green discuss federal help to improve the existing grid and green energy during a press co

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US announces $46 million in funds to eight nuclear fusion…

Posted by May 31, 2023

WASHINGTON: Eight US companies developing nuclear fusion energy will receive $46 million in taxpayer funding to pursue pilot plants attempting to generate power

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Fashion designer claims Sam Brinton wore her clothes that were…

Posted by February 23, 2023

A fashion designer from Houston claimed that disgraced former Department of Energy official Sam Brinton wore the custom-made clothes th

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DOE Expects To Start ‘Vitrifying’ Hanford Nuclear Waste Next Year

Posted by October 11, 2022

The Low-Activity Waste Facility melters, shown here during delivery and installation in 2010, weigh ... [+] 300 tons and are designed to vitrify 5,000 gallons o

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The Long-Sought Step-Change In Renewable Energy Battery Tech May Have…

Posted by September 29, 2022

This image is part of a collection of all elementsgetty “No, policymakers are not aware. But quite frankly, that's my job. My job is to educate the policymake

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