CNN Exclusive: A single Iranian attack drone found to contain…

Posted by January 4, 2023

Washington CNN  —  Parts made by more than a dozen US and Western companies were found inside

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Brexit has cracked Britain’s economic foundations | CNN Business

Posted by December 24, 2022

London CNN  —  It’s been two years since former Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed his Bre

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Exclusive: Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up…

Posted by December 21, 2022

Washington CNN  —  The Biden administration has launched an expansive task force to investi

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The US-China chip war is spilling over to Europe |…

Posted by November 25, 2022

Hong Kong CNN Business  —  Two European chip deals have run into trouble over their links wit

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Japan’s economy shrinks for the first time in a year…

Posted by November 15, 2022

Japan’s economy unexpectedly shrank for the first time in a year in the third quarter, stoking further uncertainty about the outlo

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China’s exports shrink unexpectedly as global slowdown jolts demand |…

Posted by November 7, 2022

China’s exports and imports unexpectedly contracted in October, the first simultaneous slump since May 2020, as surging inflation

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Germany’s leader and top CEOs have arrived in Beijing. They…

Posted by November 4, 2022

Hong Kong/London CNN Business  —  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in China on Friday wi

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Wheat and corn prices jump after Russia quits Black Sea…

Posted by October 31, 2022

London CNN Business  —  Prices of wheat and corn on global commodities markets rose on Monday

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US curbs on microchips could throttle China’s ambitions and escalate…

Posted by October 31, 2022

Hong Kong CNN Business  —  Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s push to “win the battle” in core

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