Albertsons Companies consolidates several brands

Posted by June 1, 2023

BOISE, IDAHO — Signature Farms, Signature Care and Signature Café brands at Albertsons Companies, Inc. will consolidate into one master brand called Signatur

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Monde Nissin’s US plant-based meat business suffers setback

Posted by April 5, 2023

MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES — Monde Nissin Corp., owner of the Quorn meat alternative brand, took a non-cash impairment charge of approximately $370 million agai

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Conagra underscores focus on collaboration, transparency

Posted by March 15, 2023

CHICAGO — Conagra Brands, Inc. made progress on environmental priorities, including climate change, sustainable packaging and regenerative agriculture, while

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The influences behind snack trends

Posted by December 26, 2022

KANSAS CITY — In the baking and snack industries, trends constantly evolve. While some endure, others fall out of favor and still others merge with something

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Nestle building on ‘Tasty’ innovation strategy with ‘Agility’

Posted by December 8, 2022

BARCELONA — Soccer coaches and players know offensive strategies revolve around creating space — Passing the ball in ways that open pockets and lanes that a

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Flavor is paramount to plant-based meat and meals success

Posted by December 6, 2022

LONDON — “Plant-based is no longer a selection of bland, mushy vegetables squeezed into a breadcrumb coating,” said Jonathan Morley, managing director of

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Kristen Bell’s humanitarian snack company joins Good Worldwide

Posted by November 10, 2022

LOS ANGELES — Good Worldwide Inc., a social impact company that includes media outlet Upworthy and consulting arm Good Consulting Group, has acquired This Sav

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