The US keeps deporting people to a country that it…

Posted by September 6, 2023

CNN  —  The Biden administration has taken mixed positions on its policies involving Haiti

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Large US tech companies face new EU rules | CNN…

Posted by August 25, 2023

CNN  —  The world’s largest tech companies must comply with a sweeping new European law st

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Everything you need to know about ETIAS and Europe’s city…

Posted by August 24, 2023

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The West’s ‘see no evil’ approach to Serbia’s Vucic risks…

Posted by August 14, 2023

CNN  —  When Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States and European Union accelerated their

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Ukrainian defense minister says attacks on Crimea will continue, predicts…

Posted by July 24, 2023

CNN  —  Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov says that Ukraine will continue carryi

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Why are far-right parties on the march across Europe? |…

Posted by July 22, 2023

CNN  —  While the Anglosphere was wracked by a burst of populism in 2016, most European coun

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US and NATO grapple with critical ammo shortage for Ukraine…

Posted by July 18, 2023

Washington CNN  —  The US and Europe are struggling to provide Ukraine with the large amount

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5 takeaways from Biden’s high-stakes Europe trip | CNN Politics

Posted by July 13, 2023

Helsinki, Finland CNN  —  More than 500 days after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, t

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Boris Johnson warns US against ‘Ukraine fatigue’ as NATO summit…

Posted by July 12, 2023

Editor’s Note: Laura Coates’ interview with Boris Johnson will air tonight on CNN at 10 p.m. ET. London CNN

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Russia slammed as ‘inhumane’ after blocking UN cross-border aid operation…

Posted by July 12, 2023

CNN  —  The United States, France and the United Kingdom have condemned Russia’s move to b

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