Portugal and Italy Join Elite Group of Countries Growing Tourism…

Posted by March 22, 2023

Portugal and Italy have joined an elite group of countries that have managed to grow their travel and tourism industry, while reducing carbon emissions int

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Aggro-culture: Farmers’ protest brings Brussels’ EU Quarter to a standstill

Posted by March 3, 2023

Convoys of tractors brought traffic in Brussels to a standstill Friday, as thousands of Belgian farmers protested the Flemish regional go

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‘Greenwashing’ Refuses to Die

Posted by March 1, 2023

Sign up for The Weekly Planet, The Atlantic’s newsletter about living through climate change, here.Let’s say you want to buy a T-shirt and you want your inv

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California climate bill would make companies disclose emissions

Posted by February 2, 2023

SACREMENTO, Calif. -- Democratic lawmakers in California introduced a package of climate bills Monday aimed at holding corporations accountable for their green

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Report: Big Game Companies Like Square Enix And Roblox Are…

Posted by November 22, 2022

AfterClimate, a research and consultancy business “on a mission to decarbonise the games industry”, have this week published the results of their “game in

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Economic Growth Is Essential. So Is Resilience.

Posted by September 22, 2022

Policy makers have long tried to foster rapid economic growth. But as we shape our post-pandemic economy, we also need to strengthen our economic resilience bot

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