A dark pit of exhaustion and despair – the reality…

Posted by June 1, 2023

Before you all rush out to your local park to try this for yourselves, there’s a catch. Murphy did all this wearing his milit

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Why we should ‘lift heavy’ as we get older

Posted by April 10, 2023

But the corner of the gym where people “train heavy” (the jargon is very seductive) can seem intimidating.Most strength tra

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‘I’ve lost my “dad bod” and my confidence has soared’

Posted by February 7, 2023

As I was approaching my 40th birthday last year, I was going through some big life transitions. I had just sold a business, whi

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Why you should stop doing sit-ups and try these exercises…

Posted by February 6, 2023

There are many variations on this theme of holding yourself rock-like while something tries to knock you off-centre. Byrne says

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