Many companies are adding, expanding tuition assistance so workers can…

Posted by May 26, 2023

As a growing contingent of Americans feel priced out of a college education, tuition assistance may be the most valuable incentive companies are using to attrac

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Company diversity goals need to start with managers

Posted by March 30, 2023

Sdi Productions | E+ | Getty ImagesLayoffs, recession fears, and slowing growth are just a few of the major issues business leaders are contending with these da

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What the job market could look like in 2023, based…

Posted by January 5, 2023

2022 may have ended in a sea of overwhelmingly negative layoff news, but new data shows promise that the damage was minimal. It could be a sign the 2023 job mar

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All the U.S. states, cities and counties where companies have…

Posted by January 3, 2023

New salary transparency laws are rolling out across the U.S.As of Jan. 1, three new states — California, Rhode Island and Washington — joined the chorus of

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Just 60% of NYC job listings include salary ranges—here’s who’s…

Posted by November 21, 2022

The rollout of New York City's salary transparency law on Nov. 1 was kind of a disaster: During its first few days, New Yorkers called companies out for posting

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Amid mass layoffs, the Big Tech dream job is losing…

Posted by November 17, 2022

For decades, Silicon Valley tech darlings like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter set the gold standard of making it in the tech space. Employees wanted to wor

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Job openings dropped by 1 million last month—here’s why

Posted by October 4, 2022

The number of job openings dropped by 1.1 million postings in August compared with the month prior, the second-largest slide in the history of the Job Openings

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Google promises Greece 20K jobs with cloud expansion

Posted by September 29, 2022

ATHENS, Greece -- Google announced plans Thursday to expand its cloud services infrastructure to Greece, promising to create nearly 20,000 jobs through direct i

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