Top Ukrainian security official says Russia preparing for ‘maximum escalation’…

Posted by February 1, 2023

CNN  —  Russia is gearing up for a “maximum escalation” of the war in Ukraine, potential

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Inside Air France’s new business class cabin | CNN

Posted by January 27, 2023

CNN  —  Air France has just launched a plush new long-haul business cabin on one of its Boei

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United CEO: Air travel system is ‘stressed to the max’…

Posted by January 26, 2023

New York CNN  —  If airlines are to avoid repeats of recent service problems, they’ll need

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SpaceX’s most powerful rocket returns to flight and nails synchronized…

Posted by January 15, 2023

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Why is it so risky to fly in Nepal? |…

Posted by January 15, 2023

CNN  —  The loss of a plane carrying 72 people in Nepal has highlighted the dangers of air t

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Aging, outdated technology leaves air travel at risk of meltdown…

Posted by January 13, 2023

Washington CNN  —  The massively disruptive computer outage at the Federal Aviation Administr

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Chinese rocket startup Galactic Energy sends five satellites into space…

Posted by January 10, 2023

Hong Kong CNN  —  Galactic Energy, a rocket startup in China, launched five satellites into o

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CNN Exclusive: A single Iranian attack drone found to contain…

Posted by January 4, 2023

Washington CNN  —  Parts made by more than a dozen US and Western companies were found inside

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5 things to know for December 23: Air travel, Jan.…

Posted by December 23, 2022

CNN  —  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes – but if your family is anyth

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Exclusive: Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up…

Posted by December 21, 2022

Washington CNN  —  The Biden administration has launched an expansive task force to investi

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