‘Content is the new crude oil’: Africa’s multi billion-dollar creative…

Posted by July 17, 2023

Abuja, Nigeria CNN  —  In recent years, Africa has witnessed a remarkable cultural renaissanc

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Strikes threaten more setbacks for Hollywood amid a summer of…

Posted by July 15, 2023

CNN  —  For Hollywood, 2023 will be remembered as a cruel summer, a dead reckoning of a diff

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California is about to give Hollywood studios a lucrative tax…

Posted by June 30, 2023

CNN  —  The state of California is about to give movie and TV studios a new lucrative tax pe

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Zendaya holds court over a love triangle in first trailer…

Posted by June 20, 2023

CNN  —  The trailer for Zendaya’s latest movie “Challengers” was released on Tuesday,

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Bryan Cranston is planning to step away from Hollywood… in…

Posted by June 8, 2023

CNN  —  Bryan Cranston has a three-year plan and it doesn’t involve Hollywood.

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Frantic 911 calls detail chaos of shooting at Florida’s Hollywood…

Posted by May 31, 2023

CNN  —  Audio of 911 calls detail panic that unfolded during a Memorial Day shooting that in

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Disney’s fight with DeSantis masks a bigger problem: Its business…

Posted by May 19, 2023

New York CNN  —  Disney’s battle with Florida’s Republican governor and soon-to-be presid

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Comcast CEO says company will ‘more likely than not’ sell…

Posted by May 16, 2023

New York CNN  —  Comcast is inching closer to selling its stake of Hulu to Disney, after Comc

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Lawsuit alleges that social media companies promoted White supremacist propaganda…

Posted by May 14, 2023

New York CNN  —  A wrongful death lawsuit filed against several social media companies Friday

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Malibu Barbies and Hollywood starlets: See inside Chanel’s Los Angeles…

Posted by May 11, 2023

CNN  —  Los Angeles (CNN) — The worlds of film and high fashion have long been intertwined

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