Why one popular shoe brand is lowering prices in the…

Posted by June 4, 2023

New York CNN  —  As inflation continues to strain family budgets, forcing people to prioritiz

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Here’s the real reason Target’s stock is dropping | CNN…

Posted by June 2, 2023

New York CNN  —  Target’s stock has lost about a fifth of its value over the past two and h

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Taylor Swift sets summer’s hottest dress code: Sequins, boots, cowboy…

Posted by May 27, 2023

New York CNN  —  What’s the dress code of Summer 2023? Call it TikTok-approved coastal cowg

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As a child, she stitched clothes in a sweatshop. Now…

Posted by May 24, 2023

Brisbane, Australia CNN  —  When Nasreen Sheikh walks down a busy street, she doesn’t see t

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‘Bama Rush’ takes us into the world of Southern sorority…

Posted by May 23, 2023

CNN  —  Our nationwide fascination with #BamaRush all started with OOTDs. That

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The EU wants to cut off the world’s biggest diamond…

Posted by May 19, 2023

London CNN  —  The European Union is poised to impose a ban on imports of Russia’s diamonds

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A growing number of sports bras, shirts and leggings brands…

Posted by May 18, 2023

New York CNN  —  An increasing number of sports bra and athletic wear brands have been found

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From diversity to accessibility, can technology change the way we…

Posted by May 15, 2023

CNN  —  When Bold Glamour launched on TikTok earlier this year, it started a storm on social

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Malibu Barbies and Hollywood starlets: See inside Chanel’s Los Angeles…

Posted by May 11, 2023

CNN  —  Los Angeles (CNN) — The worlds of film and high fashion have long been intertwined

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‘Too good to be true?’ As Shein and Temu take…

Posted by April 24, 2023

Hong Kong/New York CNN  —  Temu and Shein are taking off in the United States, topping app st

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