Starbucks’ new CEO steps in two weeks early | CNN…

Posted by March 20, 2023

New York CNN  —  Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan has taken over the reins from interim

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California court upholds treating app-based drivers as contractors | CNN…

Posted by March 14, 2023

A California state appeals court on Monday revived a ballot measure allowing app-based services such as Uber Technologies Inc and Ly

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Caterpillar workers ratify new 6-year contract with company

Posted by March 13, 2023

Unionized workers at Caterpillar Inc. have approved a new six-year contract with the company that includes a $6,000 ratification bonus, 19% in pay raises and 8%

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Seahawks rank 11th in NFL for working conditions

Posted by March 7, 2023

Data: NFLPA; Table: Alice Feng/AxiosWhen it comes to working conditions for football players, the Seattle Seahawks get high marks for their team facilities —

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Norfolk Southern, in wake of toxic derailment, gives in on…

Posted by February 23, 2023

New York CNN  —  Norfolk Southern has agreed to give one of its unions the paid sick days it

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Companies can no longer silence laid-off employees in exchange for…

Posted by February 22, 2023

CNN  —  If your company lays you off, your employer might offer you severance pay — but on

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Howard Schultz: Unions ‘a manifestation of a much bigger problem’…

Posted by February 21, 2023

New York CNN  —  Fifteen years ago, Howard Schultz reprised his role as Starbucks CEO, return

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Howard Schultz declined Bernie Sanders’ request to testify before Congress…

Posted by February 15, 2023

CNN  —  Howard Schultz has declined Bernie Sanders’ request to testify before Congress.

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Knights, squires, queens go on strike at California Medieval Times…

Posted by February 12, 2023

New York CNN  —  Workers at a Southern California Medieval Times have walked off the job and

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Disney has bigger problems than Ron DeSantis | CNN Business

Posted by February 7, 2023

New York CNN  —  Disney has found itself in the middle of a culture war battle that could end

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