Federal Supreme Court clarifies practice on blocking access to online…

Posted by March 21, 2023

According to two recently published rulings of the Federal Supreme Court, blocking access by means of geo-blocking is not sufficient to be removed from the bla

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What’s the Status of Buy American Requirements for Public Infrastructure…

Posted by March 14, 2023

More than a year has passed since Congress enacted the Build America, Buy America Act (“BABA”)—a sweeping change to domestic sourcing requirements for fe

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Recent UK action to protect children from online gambling and…

Posted by February 28, 2023

During the covid lockdowns, there was an explosion in growth of gaming and online gambling. The sector has long had to grapple with potential harms to children

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Fashion, luxury and lifestyle news aggregator – February 2023

Posted by February 28, 2023

Changing times: structural shake ups at luxury brands Luxury conglomerate, Kering, have recently announced plans to create an in-house beauty division to devel

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Defence strategy against the wave of litigation in online gambling

Posted by February 27, 2023

In recent years, providers of online gambling services have been confronted with an unprecedented wave of lawsuits in Germany and elsewhere. This has resulted

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Private Infrastructure Investment in New Zealand: A Market Update

Posted by January 17, 2023

A record year for global unlisted infrastructure fundraising 2022 was another record year for global unlisted infrastructure fundraising, with funds raised in

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Gambling in Metaverse

Posted by December 12, 2022

Recently, the Metaverse promises to become a platform for a gambling offering in a new dimension. This has not been overlooked by the industry. More and more o

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Public Companies with Exposure to Crypto Markets After FTX Collapse:…

Posted by December 11, 2022

The recent collapse of FTX and other companies transacting in cryptoassets prompted staff of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to advise public repor

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Facebook Sets Restrictions on Online Gambling Ads

Posted by November 21, 2022

Facebook has updated and is now enforcing their gambling and gaming service marketing policy. In order to feature ads that promote online gambling and gaming,

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Political spending transparency from Russell 1000 companies? Not so much

Posted by November 14, 2022

In the wake of the events of January 6, a number of companies, highly sensitized to any misalignment between their political contributions and their public sta

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