PGA Tour accuses LIV Golf’s backers of “ducking” response in…

Posted by March 28, 2023

The PGA Tour accuses LIV Golf of stonewalling discovery efforts in the latest filings in federal court, with lawyers for

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Social media companies ‘… are killing our kids,’ Gov. Cox…

Posted by March 17, 2023

The Utah governor says he plans to sign a pair of bills that will require social media companies to verify a user’s age and outlaw addicting designs or featur

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San Mateo education board files lawsuit against social media companies

Posted by March 15, 2023

SAN MATEO - San Mateo County school officials filed a lawsuit this week alleging three major social media companies -- YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat -- a

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‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Can Be Used in Trump Defamation Case

Posted by March 11, 2023

Former columnist E. Jean Carroll can use the controversial ‘Access Hollywood’ tape and the testimony of two women who also alleged they were sexually assau

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Residents terrified of flying golf balls seek courtroom showdown over…

Posted by March 8, 2023

Residents of a mobile home park in Anaheim, Calif., are suing to get the city to do something about the errant golf balls pelting their homes. (Screenshot

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NFL Films ‘maintained database of cheerleaders’ buttocks, breasts and cleavage…

Posted by February 28, 2023

NFL Films, the official production arm of the National Football League, was flagged for keeping an extensive database of raunchy footag

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Is A New Wave Of Lawsuits Against Oil Company Directors…

Posted by February 16, 2023

The suing of energy firms for greenwashing or climate action failure by environmental organizations is nothing new. But ClientEarth entered new terr

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Former NFL players sue over disability claims, accuse league of…

Posted by February 9, 2023

Several former National Football League players have flied a class-action lawsuit against the league's benefits plan, its board of trustees and Commissi

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LIV Golf lawyers admit to ‘virtually zero’ revenue in 2022…

Posted by February 8, 2023

After spending more than $700 million to attract talent and produce its product in 2022, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that LIV Golf made little to no money

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