How To Elevate Your Legal Career As A Trusted Business…

Posted by March 6, 2023

“I got into this field because I love the law. Evaluating word variations and sentence constructions in thousands of contracts every year is the ideal way fo

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Make Your Bets! Who Will Win? The NFL Or The…

Posted by March 2, 2023

American football — which is to say football (take that, everywhere else in the world that calls soccer the wrong thing) — is one of America’s deeply hel

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Company Conscience And The Corporate Counsel – Above the Law

Posted by March 2, 2023

In its 2023 GC Survey Report, Axiom asked general counsels how they perceived themselves in terms of their role as the company conscience. According to the res

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Vaporware Technology Won’t Hide Your Firm’s Business Model Problems –…

Posted by February 24, 2023

As someone who’s served as a legal CTO for almost 10 years now, I’ve seen a lot of legal technology come and go; some of it phenomenally useful, some of it

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The Business Of Fun – Above the Law

Posted by February 17, 2023

Zoom and other remote work tools reshaped the legal industry in the nearly three years since the start of the pandemic. Who among us doesn’t love the thrill

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This Elite Biglaw Firm Gets Top Marks For Its Responsible…

Posted by December 16, 2022

Ed. Note: Welcome to our daily feature Trivia Question of the Day! According to Law360’s Social Impact Leaders 2022 ranking, which Biglaw firm got the best s

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Representing Individuals Is Very Different From Representing Companies – Above…

Posted by December 2, 2022

‘Yes, I’m taking this personally! You’re supposed to be my lawyer! Go! Crush my enemies! I want to see them driven before me!’ When I worked as an asso

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Beyond The Business Case – Diversity In The Workplace –…

Posted by November 17, 2022

Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts on motherhood in the legal profession, in partnership with our friends at MothersEsquire. Welcom

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If U.S. Essential Infrastructure Is Brought Down, Is Your Law…

Posted by November 1, 2022

Ed. note: This is the latest in the article series, Cybersecurity: Tips From the Trenches, by our friends at Sensei Enterprises, a boutique provider of IT, cyb

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