How a revolutionary ‘golf ball’ in the stomach operation can…

Posted by December 30, 2023

A procedure that can ease severe heartburn is now being offered on the NHS.The 60-minute operation, which involves implanting a silicone ball around the size of

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UK hit by surge in pneumonia cases after ‘mysterious’ outbreak…

Posted by December 1, 2023

THE UK is the latest country to report an outbreak of pneumonia as cases of 'white lung syndrome' plague China and sweep through Europe and the US. As many as 4

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US, Sweden and Switzerland hit by surge of pneumonia as…

Posted by November 30, 2023

AN alarming number of pneumonia cases have been detected in the Sweden and Switzerland, echoing a similar surge in China. It comes just as Denmark and the US

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Indi Gregory dies: What went wrong, and what happens next?

Posted by November 17, 2023

“The court doesn’t have to wait until it’s shown that the parents are being harmful. They only have to show that ther

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I suffered a stroke from heading a football: Freak injury…

Posted by October 30, 2023

A man has told how he has been left with life-changing from a stroke he suffered just days after heading a ball during a football match. Tom Hooper, from Brigh

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U.K. To Make Gambling Industry Pay $125 Million Towards Addiction…

Posted by October 23, 2023

A fish and chip shop sits next to a bookmakers in Blackpool on November 02, 2018 in London, England. ... [+] Blackpool was listed as third in a list of the UK's

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Cakes, compassion and care at Keystone this World Mental Health…

Posted by October 11, 2023

Drop-in to the hubs any week day, we're always here to help High street mental health hubs opened their do

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Step inside your local Keystone Mental Health hub this World…

Posted by October 10, 2023

Speak to your GP or call into your local Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub to find out more about how we support people l

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Chemical Leaks And Fires: England’s ‘Cracking’ Hospital Infrastructure Under The…

Posted by August 10, 2023

More than 100 chemical leaks have occurred at England's public hospitals last year.getty More than 100 chemical leaks took place in England’s public hospitals

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Sickness, misery and shedding stones: My first two months on…

Posted by July 30, 2023

As well as Ozempic (a weekly injection), there’s a daily tablet called Rybelsus (with the same effectiveness), plus another i

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