“What I’ve done for tennis is unquestioned” – Nick Kyrgios on his…

Posted by January 15, 2023

Nick Kyrgios recently discussed his contribution to tennis and his massive fan base, which he thinks puts him in the same league as legends Novak Djokovic, Raf

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“Don’t think it’s healthy, no other real athlete does that…

Posted by December 23, 2022

Nick Kyrgios recently reaffirmed his earlier claim that he would retire from tennis if he won a Grand Slam title as the sport is too demanding. The Austra

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Nick Kyrgios : “I’m not even looking forward to before…

Posted by December 23, 2022

Nick Kyrgios has stated that he is not looking forward to the 2023 Australian Open and wishes it would be over since being in the spotlight is stressful.

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“Who in gods green earth decided orange was a great…

Posted by December 21, 2022

Former tennis player Rennae Stubbs recently voiced her dislike for the World Tennis League tournament's tennis court color. The World Tennis League is a b

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A dig at Naomi Osaka and Nick Kyrgios? Rennae Stubbs…

Posted by December 16, 2022

Former Australian tennis player Rennae Stubbs recently expressed her opinion on tennis players investing in pickleball. Pickleball is a relatively new spo

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WATCH: Novak Djokovic expresses excitement for World Tennis League and…

Posted by December 15, 2022

A few days before the World Tennis League begins, Novak Djokovic has spoken about how excited he is at the opportunity to participate in the inaugural edi

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“No tournament is a full-strength tournament without Novak Djokovic in…

Posted by December 9, 2022

Nick Kyrgios is happy to have Novak Djokovic return to Australia to compete in the year's first Grand Slam in 2023. The Serbian, a record nine-time winner

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Nick Kyrgios reacts to anonymous ATP player’s claim that ‘half…

Posted by December 2, 2022

Nick Kyrgios made it clear that he was not among the players who took Adderall, a medication for ADHD that has a performance-enhancing effect. The Austral

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Nick Kyrgios reveals his Spotify Wrapped playlist, Drake and Roddy…

Posted by December 1, 2022

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios has revealed his taste in music with his Spotify Wrapped playlist. With 2022 coming to an end, Spotify has surfaced with

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Lleyton Hewitt admits to making efforts to get Nick Kyrgios…

Posted by November 28, 2022

Australia captain Lleyton Hewitt has said that he tried to get Nick Kyrgios in following his team's Davis Cup final loss to Canada in Malaga on Sunday. Playing

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