Companies that ‘become St. Pete’ shine at annual meeting –…

Posted by February 22, 2024

Local business development stakeholders celebrated St. Petersburg’s continued success in attracting new and expanding companies Wednesday evenin

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Small, growing companies give new life to frill-less office towers

Posted by January 19, 2024

The much-ballyhooed “flight to quality” was supposed to mean one thing: frill-less Class B office buildings are left in the lurch.

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The 25-year office construction boom that transformed New York City's…

Posted by December 30, 2023

Manhattan has had an enviable run in the construction of skyline-defining office buildings.But the opening of large office bu

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Inside Kevin Hart’s Bold and Artful West Hollywood Office

Posted by November 28, 2023

There’s a quiet, meditative affirmation that Kevin Hart likes to repeat himself: “Oprah was in this bitch!”Okay, he actually says it to everyone, not quie

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Companies want workers back in the office, but are simultaneously…

Posted by November 14, 2023

Around 75% of companies plan to reduce their office square footage next year, a new survey found. Robin Powered surveyed ove

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Companies are demanding employees spend more days in the office,…

Posted by November 12, 2023

Return-to-office mandates are increasingly common, but companies are rapidly downsizing their offices and worried about whether they’ll be able to keep their

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San Francisco CEO who’s closing his $215 million company’s upscale…

Posted by October 27, 2023

For the past six months, employees at the tech company Expensify in San Francisco have had a special in-office perk: an upscale lounge offering them free specia

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Back In The Office? Why Your Company’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach Is…

Posted by August 24, 2023

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Many organizations adopt a broad-brush approach to hybrid work that fails to differe

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Hartford’s mayor is urging businesses to bring employees back downtown.…

Posted by March 31, 2023

As Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin is urging businesses to bring their employees back to offices in downtown Hartford as much as possible, a new study found that abo

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Office owners already reeling from remote work now face recession…

Posted by January 3, 2023

Landlords have been longing for employees to head back to office buildings in greater numbers. But the national return rate has crept up slowly. For

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