Oil-and-Gas Companies Seek ESG Loans, Pledging Emissions Cuts

Posted by December 27, 2022

The oil-and-gas industry is increasingly looking to tap the rapidly growing pool of ESG-linked financing. Not everyone is convinced by the companies’ pledges

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Five energy companies are seeing big stock buying from their…

Posted by December 8, 2022

Even though energy stocks are up 49% this year, executives keep buying their own companies’ shares.Does that make sense? Yes, for two reasons. Oil will trade

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20 big oil companies expected to be cash gushers in…

Posted by November 30, 2022

The energy sector of the S&P 500 has been the year’s best performer, yet oil stocks still appear to be inexpensive when compared with those in other indus

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Germany Blames Sabotage for Train Outage

Posted by October 8, 2022

FRANKFURT—Berlin blamed sabotage for an outage that temporarily shut down train traffic across northern Germany on Saturday, raising te

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High Gas Prices Cloud Asia’s Push for LNG

Posted by October 5, 2022

Some emerging Asian countries are slashing imports of liquefied natural gas as competition, especially from Europe, grows for the fuel. Asia is still expected t

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