Have a look at the Tom Brady succession battle between…

Posted by May 31, 2023

NFL content — we in sports media will scrape the entire margarine container to give sports fans just enough pigskin to butter their toast. In the age of socia

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Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons challenges LeBron James for biggest frontrunner…

Posted by May 18, 2023

Pick a team, man.Photo: APDallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons has built himself quite the reputation as one of the NFL’s best defensive players in just tw

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Bengals-Chiefs, Jets-Bills, and the most impactful 2023 NFL matchups

Posted by May 13, 2023

Photo: APThe implications of this game this late in the season are bound to be huge. Both teams will surely be contending for the top seed in the AFC and unless

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Week 10 NFL Takeaways: A few star players shined light…

Posted by November 14, 2022

Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson was on another level Sunday in Buffalo.Image: Getty ImagesYesterday was most certainly not the most entertaining Sunday of NFL ga

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Brady knows best: NFL chock full of bad football

Posted by October 8, 2022

K.J. Hamler was all of us watching that putrid Denver-Indianapolis game Thursday. Photo: APTom Brady is right.The NFL is a bunch of bad football thus far this s

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