The NBA Is Great Preparation For Law School – Above…

Posted by September 11, 2023

Len Elmore Ed. Note: Welcome to our daily feature Trivia Question of the Day! Len Elmore played in the NBA for eight years for the Indiana Pacers (plus two yea

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This Lawsuit Over Golf Tournament Prize Is Your Next 1L…

Posted by August 29, 2023

Here’s one for the 1Ls out there gearing up for Contracts. A charity golf event benefitting Nova Southeastern University Orlando offered a Mercedes E Class v

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APA Says Mental Health Questions On Bar Exam Character &…

Posted by August 10, 2023

(Image via Getty) Ed. note: Welcome to our daily feature, Quote of the Day. Statistical data reveal that there is no connection between bar application questio

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How GCs Can Use Generative AI To Speak The Language…

Posted by August 4, 2023

After transitioning from general counsel to CEO, I realized why some of my legal advice and observations as a GC had been disregarded in the past. It was becau

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How GCs Can Build A Data-Driven Division To Bolster Their…

Posted by July 17, 2023

Corporate legal departments have traditionally kept their focus on supplying legal expertise to the businesses they support; in-house specialists in litigation

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Greenwashing Lawsuits Won’t Be Going Out Of Style Any Time…

Posted by June 13, 2023

The fashion and cosmetics industries are increasingly embroiled in litigation that used to be the province of less glamorous products — cookware, fast-food p

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Business Partnering Is A Verb, Not A Noun – Above…

Posted by June 8, 2023

When I landed my first in-house position over 12 years ago, I believed that my role was limited to providing legal advice to my client. When presented with a l

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Google Business Profile Posts: A How-To For Small Law Firms…

Posted by June 2, 2023

Google Business Profile is a free online business directory. It allows you to share pertinent information with potential clients searching for your services on

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The Secret Ingredient To Building An Incredible Book Of Business?…

Posted by May 11, 2023

Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts on motherhood in the legal profession, in partnership with our friends at MothersEsquire. Welcom

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How To Elevate Your Legal Career As A Trusted Business…

Posted by March 6, 2023

“I got into this field because I love the law. Evaluating word variations and sentence constructions in thousands of contracts every year is the ideal way fo

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