Business owners say ongoing construction north of downtown continues depleting…

Posted by January 20, 2023

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio has 54 construction projects currently working and city officials say 89% of them are considered on time. Still, many business owner

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San Antonio nightlife, business community mourns death of influential St.…

Posted by January 6, 2023

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio nightlife and live music community is mourning the loss of an influential figure on the St. Mary’s strip. Blayne Tucker, 42, d

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City program for businesses hurt by lengthy construction is met…

Posted by December 17, 2022

San Antonio – A city program meant to ease the effect of lengthy construction projects on nearby small businesses isn’t easing those businesses’ concerns.

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Ongoing construction driving away business from St. Mary’s Strip, bar…

Posted by November 23, 2022

SAN ANTONIO – Ongoing construction on the St. Mary’s Strip is driving customers away, and business owners say they don’t know how much longer they can ope

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