Hero gymgoers wrestle hatchet from screaming madman holding victim hostage…

Posted by March 18, 2023

Four California gymgoers jumped into action Tuesday when they noticed a hatchet-wielding madman holding another man hostage inside their Planet Fitne

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Two teen boys stabbed on NYC basketball court in broad…

Posted by February 16, 2023

Two teenage boys were stabbed on a basketball court in East Harlem on Thursday afternoon, police said. The violence broke out just after 1:30 p.m

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NYC fitness model sentenced to eight years for roommate stabbing

Posted by January 11, 2023

A beefy fitness model who stabbed his roommate more than a dozen times in a fit of rage was sentenced to eight years behind bars Tuesda

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Myles Sanderson was the only killer in Canada mass stabbings,…

Posted by October 7, 2022

CNN  —  Investigators now believe Myles Sanderson was the only killer in a mass stabbing att

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Brazilians vote in contentious election plagued by violence and fear…

Posted by October 2, 2022

São Paulo, Brazil CNN  —  Polls opened in Brazil on Sunday in a presidential election marred

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