Baltimore Ravens Top ESPN’s Way-Too-Late 2012 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by February 22, 2023

BRISTOL, CT—ESPN reportedly encouraged their readers to debate a new list the site published Wednesday, declaring that the Baltimore Ravens topped their way-t

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Kelce Brothers Beg NFL To Let Them Play On Same…

Posted by February 12, 2023

PHOENIX—Knocking furiously on Roger Goodell’s hotel room door to ask if the NFL commissioner had changed his mind, brothers Jason and Travis Kelce were ove

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The Super Company Announces It’s Not Renewing Sponsorship Contract With…

Posted by February 6, 2023

ATLANTA—The professional football world was reportedly rocked Monday when the Super Company issued a press release announcing that it would not renew its spon

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NFL Medical Personnel Race For Quickest Ligament Repair During Pro…

Posted by February 5, 2023

PARADISE, NV—Performing lateral ankle reconstruction procedures before a sold-out crowd at Allegiant Stadium, NFL medical personnel were racing for the quicke

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Study: Majority Of NFL Owners Wouldn’t Let Their Children Purchase…

Posted by January 20, 2023

BOSTON—As concerns about the long-term consequences of NFL participation continue to grow, a new study released Friday found that a majority of NFL owners wou

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More Companies Cutting Costs By Replacing CEOs With Prison Labor

Posted by January 18, 2023

WASHINGTON—As businesses prepare for a looming economic recession, a government report released Wednesday found that more companies have chosen to cut costs b

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NFL Gravediggers Rush To Field To Bury Unconscious Player

Posted by January 1, 2023

WASHINGTON—After a particularly bad hit to the head left a member of the Commanders unresponsive, NFL gravediggers were seen rushing to the field Sunday to de

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Michael Jordan Opens Up About Long-Term Effects Of Orange Gatorade…

Posted by December 22, 2022

JUPITER ISLAND, FL—Shedding light on a condition he’s been quietly struggling with since the ’90s, basketball legend Michael Jordan opened up Thursday abo

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New Golf Channel Show Just 30-Minute Praising Of Saudi Royals

Posted by November 16, 2022

ORLANDO, FL—As part of an increase in programming aimed toward strengthening a relationship with a key demographic, a new Golf Channel show that debuted Tuesd

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Democrats Vow To Make Better Effort To Reach Out To…

Posted by November 15, 2022

LOS ANGELES—Pledging to never again lose focus on their most important constituents, the Democratic National Committee reportedly vowed Tuesday to make a bett

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