Denver Nuggets’ Rocky Revealed As NBA’s Highest-Paid Mascot With $625,000…

Posted by June 2, 2023

A new report revealed that the Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky the Mountain Lion, is the NBA’s highest-paid mascot, taking home $625,000 a year, almost 10 times

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Nikola Jokic: ‘Basketball Is Boring’

Posted by June 2, 2023

DENVER—Asked for his comments on playing in his first NBA Finals, Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic told reporters Thursday night that he found basketball bo

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Entire Company Under The Thumb Of Low-Level Employee Who Stayed…

Posted by May 22, 2023

COLUMBUS, OH—Describing a workplace where the 24-year-old used her knowledge of her coworkers to quietly pull the strings, sources confirmed Monday that the e

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Anthropological Research Reveals Ancient Cultures Used Psychedelics To Increase Productivity…

Posted by May 5, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—In a new study confirming a long-held hypothesis about early human societies, a paper published Friday in the Journal Of Anthropological Resea

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Jill Biden Invites Any Woman Who Has Ever Touched Basketball…

Posted by April 4, 2023

WASHINGTON—After watching from the stands Sunday as Louisiana State University defeated the University of Iowa in the NCAA women’s basketball championship,

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NFL Owners Announce Secret Meeting To Make Sure They Aren’t…

Posted by March 31, 2023

PHOENIX—In an effort to investigate claims that they were conspiring to suppress the market for the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, NFL owners announced Friday

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Baltimore Ravens Top ESPN’s Way-Too-Late 2012 NFL Power Rankings

Posted by February 22, 2023

BRISTOL, CT—ESPN reportedly encouraged their readers to debate a new list the site published Wednesday, declaring that the Baltimore Ravens topped their way-t

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Kelce Brothers Beg NFL To Let Them Play On Same…

Posted by February 12, 2023

PHOENIX—Knocking furiously on Roger Goodell’s hotel room door to ask if the NFL commissioner had changed his mind, brothers Jason and Travis Kelce were ove

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The Super Company Announces It’s Not Renewing Sponsorship Contract With…

Posted by February 6, 2023

ATLANTA—The professional football world was reportedly rocked Monday when the Super Company issued a press release announcing that it would not renew its spon

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NFL Medical Personnel Race For Quickest Ligament Repair During Pro…

Posted by February 5, 2023

PARADISE, NV—Performing lateral ankle reconstruction procedures before a sold-out crowd at Allegiant Stadium, NFL medical personnel were racing for the quicke

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