First he was a teacher. Then he was China's top…

Posted by January 22, 2024

Outspoken and flamboyant, the tech entrepreneur was everywhere from the media and conferences to headlining company events.Savvy and outgoing — remember that

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Chinese companies aren't interested in Nvidia's slower AI chips

Posted by January 7, 2024

Nvidia recently unveiled a slower, less powerful AI chip for sale in China.The new chip allows Nvidia to comply with US expor

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In Global Ad Spend Forecasts, CTV Is Poised To Overtake…

Posted by December 4, 2023

Second verse, same as the first. Digital dominates global ad spend again, and CTV is leaving linear TV in the dust. Overall, global advertising revenue grew

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Gamified shopping and £1 deals: the unstoppable rise of ‘Chinese…

Posted by December 1, 2023

Huang, 43, was born in Zhejiang, China, holds a degree in computer science from the university of Wisconsin and spent his early career working at Google as a so

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As Temu shakes up global e-commerce, PDD nears overtaking Alibaba…

Posted by November 30, 2023

PDD, the firm behind the fast-growing shopping app Temu, is shaking up China’s Big Tech club. On Thursday, news of Alibaba’s mark

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Worried Chinese shoppers’ restraint dims singles’ day shopping extravaganza

Posted by November 12, 2023

Shoppers in China have been tightening their purse strings, raising questions over how faltering consumer confidence may affect Saturday's annual Singles

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Alibaba, JD.com roll out low-price strategies for Singles’ Day amid…

Posted by October 22, 2023

China’s e-commerce giants are gearing up for the world’s largest online shopping season that kicks off next week, counting on bargain-basement prices to att

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Alibaba’s Ex-CEO Quits Cloud Business In Surprise Move

Posted by September 10, 2023

Daniel Zhang will continue to contribute to Alibaba by "channeling his expertise differently"Shanghai: China's Alibaba Group said on Sunday that Daniel Zhang wi

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Are you getting a lot of ads for TEMU? The…

Posted by August 28, 2023

When Leanne Owens was first bombarded with ads for something called TEMU on her Facebook feed, she wasn't sure if it was a scam.The 64-year-old teacher and f

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Alibaba Beats As It Becomes One Of The Most Shareholder-Friendly…

Posted by May 18, 2023

China Last NightKraneShares Alibaba Earnings Overview After the Hong Kong close/before the US market open, Alibaba reported March quarter and fiscal year result

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