World war wedding

Posted by May 18, 2023

Dear Annie: My son and new wife recently eloped with a small ceremony on a Tuesday (when we all had to take off work), but most

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Unplugged? Remembering a technology-free world

Posted by May 6, 2023

“This old world so strange, you know she’s changing.” – Steve Gibbons It’s a strange world we live in, especially in

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Inspiring! Former Peon Runs Software Companies

Posted by April 13, 2023

IMAGE: Meet Chhotu Sharma -- the perfect example of what happens when determination meets hard work. Photograph: Kind courtesy Chhotu Sharma/LinkedIn Delicious

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Governor finally gives assent to TN bill banning online gambling

Posted by April 10, 2023

Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi has given his assent to a bill banning online gambling which was adopted in March by the state assembly for a second time, official

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Know the Law: Should I be qualified to do business…

Posted by April 2, 2023

Country United States of AmericaUS Virgin IslandsUnited States Minor Outlying Isla

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Higher Rates Are Coming for U.S. Companies

Posted by March 28, 2023

For the banking sector, the impact from higher rates is happening right now. For corporate borrowers, it largely has yet to come.

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Tamil Nadu assembly passes bill to ban online gambling again

Posted by March 23, 2023

The Tamil Nadu assembly on Thursday once again unanimously adopted the bill to ban online gambling, weeks after state Governor R N Ravi had returned it to the g

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Jim Dey | Sports betting has become big business in…

Posted by March 14, 2023

The bets will be down before

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People make the difference for any business

Posted by March 4, 2023

Last week we were in Florida for the Plastic News Executive Forum. While we were here I wanted to see my friend, Al, who is fi

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What Electoral Politics Can Learn From Cricket

Posted by February 24, 2023

Cricket has taken many steps forward towards excellence and fairness.Electoral politics has a lot of catching up to do, points out Rajeev Bhargava.An excerpt fr

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