Should companies speak out on social issues? IROs give their…

Posted by September 1, 2023

IR Magazine puts the findings from IR Magazine’s new report on corporate social activism to wary IROs in the world of ‘woke’Part of the rise of ESG in rec

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Why The Chainsmokers Invest in—and Party With—Niche Cybersecurity Companies

Posted by August 24, 2023

On Saturday, with Hurricane Hilary looming, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of the DJ duo The Chainsmokers performed a concert at Los Angeles State Historic Park tha

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In College Football, Players Aren’t the Greedy Ones

Posted by August 6, 2023

The kickoff to the college-football season is a few weeks away, but fans are already seeing 2023’s biggest showdown—one that pits the long-term interests of

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Hypocrisy penalty: Investors especially hate companies that say they’re good…

Posted by July 28, 2023

Investors don’t like it when companies do one thing and then say another, according to two academicsStock investors punish companies caught doing something un

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Zeal launches online games in Germany

Posted by June 23, 2023

The company plans to increase the number of games by up to 200 by the end of 2023. By Gambling Insider Zeal has made its online games available in Germany.

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Ontario set to host opening of’s online casino

Posted by June 22, 2023

This is the company's eighth overseas gaming licence in addition to Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK. By Gambling Insider The Canadian provi

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GBGC Data: How betting has changed in the US and…

Posted by May 12, 2023

Switzerland Online Casino GGY (2015-2021) (CHFm) The graph shows gross gambling yield (GGY) of land-based and online casinos in Switzerland for the period 201

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Asian iGaming: An overview of the different online gambling markets

Posted by May 5, 2023

The Asian iGaming sector is a rapidly growing industry with significant value and potential. Over the past decade, the sector has seen a surge in popularity and

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Green-hushing: Will companies say less as ESG scrutiny increases?

Posted by March 14, 2023

A common question for companies as they seek to tell their sustainability story is how much they should disclose. For those at the beginning of tackling issues

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