The Space Force’s new fitness regime has landed

Posted by May 25, 2023

The Space Force has kicked off a two-year pilot program to see how well it can manage the fitness of its troops with a much lighter touch than is usual in the m

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Nobody Can Agree on What ‘Zone 2’ Cardio Is

Posted by April 27, 2023

“Zone 2” is the name the fitness world has (mostly) agreed upon to describe the low intensity cardio most of us should be doing. When you’re in zone 2, yo

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Sleep trackers are on the rise. How accurate are they,…

Posted by April 22, 2023

More people are taking sleep-tracking devices to bed than ever before.Generally speaking, a sleep tracker measures the length and/or quality of your sleep, and

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Apple’s 22 Rival Brands Cannot Open Shops Or Have Ads…

Posted by April 10, 2023

India is set to get its first official Apple Store in Mumbai, after months of the tech giant's efforts to expand its retail presence in the co

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Most People Don’t Trust Their Fitness Trackers, Says Polar CEO

Posted by March 10, 2023

Polar Ignite 3Polar The CEO of fitness tech company Polar says the majority of people do not trust the stats and guidance offered by their wearables, in an inte

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Valentine’s Day: Best golf gifts for him

Posted by February 4, 2023

Surprise! Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you’re tired of giving flowers and chocolates, make sure your golfing partner is gifted something he’l

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Golfweek’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the serious golfer

Posted by December 10, 2022

We all know at least one serious golfer. If you can’t think of anyone, chances are that you’re the serious golfer in your weekend foursome. We also k

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Best Black Friday Garmin Deals: Save Up To $220 On…

Posted by November 22, 2022

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or prefer to manage your fitness routine at home or at a health club, Garmin offers some of the best smartwatches out the

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Golfweek’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: David Dusek’s favorite golf technology…

Posted by November 17, 2022

All you need to play golf is a ball, a set of clubs and a bag, but as any golfer knows, modern accessories can make the game much easier and a lot more fun. Wh

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Best golf simulators for 2022

Posted by October 17, 2022

As the weather turns and the sun begins to set earlier each and every day, it’s time to begin making preparations to keep your golf game in prime form.

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