Companies enhance benefits to help employees balance their work and…

Posted by March 9, 2023

Sinem Buber is a labor economist at ZipRecruiter. She's reviewed the data on how lack of affordable care options is affecting the U.S. labor force. She's seen 1

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‘Master of Silly Business’ among 5 dead in Colorado shooting

Posted by November 21, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- On a typical night at the Club Q, a bastion for LGBTQ people in the largely conservative city of Colorado Springs, Daniel Aston could

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A billionaire female financier on why your daughters should learn…

Posted by November 6, 2022

Jenny Just, co-founder of Peak6 Investments, made a fortune in the high-risk world of options trading, and did so against the odds in a male-dominated industry.

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Women are switching jobs at record rates, executive ranks included

Posted by October 26, 2022

D3sign | Moment | Getty ImagesAt the peak of the pandemic, the data started to come in on all the women leaving the workforce and there were some shocking numbe

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