Mindset Matters: Encountering Greater Business Acumen Through The Neurodivergent Way

Posted by April 14, 2023

The Neurodivergent way has a lot to teach business. It is time for organizations to truly embrace ... [+] this community and bridge the gap to enhance corporate

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There’s a Good Chance You’ll Regret Quitting Your Job

Posted by March 11, 2023

In my dreams, Google begs me to come back. Human resources tells me that they have the perfect software-engineering role and that I alone can do it. Even though

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SIU business prof: AI as a tool for hiring, layoffs…

Posted by February 22, 2023

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Could your job hinge on decisions made via the use of artificial intelligence? Recent polls indica

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Paving The Way For Diversity In America’s Evolving Employment Market

Posted by February 14, 2023

Equal treatment and professional opportunities for persons with disabilities have historically been ... [+] experienced as mechanical and lacking a level of hum

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3 big salary trends for the year ahead

Posted by February 13, 2023

Despite all the layoff talk, companies are still hiring. And within industries that can’t snap up talent fast enough, like travel and leisure, employers a

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How much employers spend on layoffs

Posted by February 9, 2023

When executives announce layoffs, they usually do so under the guise of financial discipline and the need to cut costs. But layoffs don’t run cheap. 

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Swap ‘I’ For ‘We’ In All Of Your Business Communications

Posted by February 2, 2023

Success is a group effort, not an individual one.getty The words you use in all of your work related communications can have a major impact on how others percei

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Do layoffs actually save you money? Some experts say no.

Posted by February 2, 2023

Let’s start the day by debunking a common myth: Job cuts are a surefire way to help cure a company’s financial woes. While a popular theory, the data su

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The Black-owned $15 billion tech company, World Wide Technology, is…

Posted by January 27, 2023

Much of the tech industry is slowing down on hiring, but World Wide Technology is ramping up. The Missouri-based IT services firm, which now has almost 10,0

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