Ontario to open housing infrastructure funding to more municipalities after…

Posted by January 22, 2024

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the province is opening up funding for housing-enabling infrastructure to more municipalities.Municipalities had asked the provin

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Indian workers seek jobs in Israel, undeterred by conflict

Posted by January 18, 2024

ROHTAK: Thousands of men queued in India’s northern state of Harayana during a recruitment drive to send workers to Israel, where the offensive in Gaza, now i

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More than 4,000 skilled workers apply for Halifax jobs after…

Posted by January 15, 2024

Thousands of skilled workers have recently applied to work in Halifax, after a tour of international job fairs had far more success than expected.The Halifax Pa

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As clock ticks down to CEBA deadline, business owners plead…

Posted by January 13, 2024

Some small business owners in Canada are asking for the federal government to reckon with the challenges they face as they confront a looming deadline to repa

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Forced labour found in nearly half fashion companies' supply chains…

Posted by January 11, 2024

Allegations of forced labour were found in the supply chains of 46% of companies benchmarked by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre project Know

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Australian job vacancies decline in November quarter, labour demand remains-…

Posted by January 10, 2024

Australian job vacancies fall: Australia experienced a modest decline in job vacancies during the November quarter, indicating ongoing demand for workers despit

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Employees call Scarborough Chapters closure union busting, Indigo says it's…

Posted by December 23, 2023

Employees of a Chapters bookstore in Scarborough are accusing Indigo of union busting after the company told employees it'd be closing the store in January, w

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They came to Quebec for a job. Now these migrant…

Posted by December 4, 2023

When Geno García Radilla first arrived in Canada, he never imagined he'd be relying on a food bank.But after two years of working in the hospitality industry,

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Britain should rejoin the EU to 'fix' Brexit, says von…

Posted by November 29, 2023

Britain should rejoin the European Union to 'fix' Brexit, the president of the European Commission said late on Tuesday.'We goofed it up,' Ursula von der Leyen

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Hundreds rally in Stephenville in support of wind-to-hydrogen project |…

Posted by November 27, 2023

Dave McGrath, owner of Celtic Aerospace & Business Strategies, supports a wind-to-hydrogen project proposed for Newfoundland's west coast and hopes it will

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