Sports News Roundup: Tennis: Creaking Djokovic adjusting to new reality…

Posted by June 3, 2023

Following is a summary of current sports news briefs. Tennis: Creaking Djokovic adjusting to new reality at French Open Novak Djokovic was p

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New York sports’ most coveted gigs finally have worthy successors

Posted by May 25, 2023

These have always been the two jobs most coveted in all of sporting New York. All geographies have their athletic favorites. In

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Sports spiraling downward as it keeps ignoring the illogical

Posted by May 5, 2023

For my two Bitcoins, this country has gone nuts because those who should be our most cherished citizens — those who are logical

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Omar Minaya’s ‘blessed’ arrival as an NBA dad after a…

Posted by April 6, 2023

Omar Minaya has been on the other side of these transactions countless times. He has pulled the strings to decide when prospects debut, when trades a

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Frank Thomas leaves Fox Sports following Derek Jeter’s hiring by…

Posted by April 2, 2023

Frank Thomas 'is ousted from FOX Sports' MLB team after the arrival of Derek Jeter' with New York Yankees legend making his debut on the London Ser

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Tim McCarver created bond with fans that was one of…

Posted by February 18, 2023

Sports isn’t the only place where trusted, familiar voices make a difference in our world. I remember an endless string of weekends i

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Yankees’ unfinished business leaves them with two significant issues

Posted by January 26, 2023

The Yankees did the big stuff great this winter (Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Carlos Rodon) but they are left with some unfinished busin

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An extra year and ‘unfinished business’ brought Aaron Judge back…

Posted by December 21, 2022

It took visits in Tampa, phone calls in the middle of the night and the richest contract in Yankee history, but Aaron Judge found himse

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Mets are the premier spenders atop MLB’s two-tier reality

Posted by December 20, 2022

The national anthem of introductory press conferences — the one heard now before the actual event — is praise su

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Judge’s joins biggest active contracts in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL

Posted by December 7, 2022

Aaron Judgewill remain with theNew York Yankees, and for quite a bit of money.Judge will be making$360 million over nine yearsin one of the largest contracts in

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