NFL players have had it with artificial turf and you…

Posted by February 8, 2024

NFL Players’ Association executive director Lloyd Howell told the media on Tuesday that 92 percent of NFLPA members want to play on natural grass, citing rate

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It doesn’t matter whether NFL playoff games are on Peacock:…

Posted by January 12, 2024

The NFL has outgrown being just a professional football league. It has become America’s favorite TV show. But unlike most sitcoms, dramas or reality shows, Ro

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Foot-in-mouth social media user Jim Irsay might’ve broken NFL rules…

Posted by October 25, 2023

Photo: Getty ImagesMistakes from umpires, referees, and officials happen all the time. That’s the human error risk every athlete takes when competing in sport

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ProFootballTalk: Unnamed NFL player lost $8M gambling in 2022

Posted by June 14, 2023

Sep 11, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; The BetMGM Sportsbook opened for business during the season opener between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinal

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Colts’ Isaiah Rogers investigated by NFL for betting on football

Posted by June 6, 2023

It may appear hypocritical that the NFL — and the rest of professional sports — are willing to shake hands and sign contracts with the legal sports betting

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NFL players should have a say in the new Thursday…

Posted by May 24, 2023

Earlier this week, NFL owners voted to pass the approval of flexing for Thursday Night Football games — given that Thursday hasn’t produced the sexiest of s

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Week 10 NFL Takeaways: A few star players shined light…

Posted by November 14, 2022

Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson was on another level Sunday in Buffalo.Image: Getty ImagesYesterday was most certainly not the most entertaining Sunday of NFL ga

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Germany has always wanted American football

Posted by November 12, 2022

Germany will host a different type of footballImage: Getty ImagesWhen tickets for the NFL’s first game in Germany went on sale in July, the worst seats in the

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How to Stream NFL Games Without Cable

Posted by September 15, 2022

Photo: dean bertoncelj (Shutterstock)If you want to watch NFL football in 2022, but you don’t want cable, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is t

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