How the EU’s New Data Laws Could Affect American Health…

Posted by March 27, 2023

American health tech companies that conduct business in the European Union or are seeking to do so should pay attention to the new data laws emerging in the r

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Too Many Dashboards, Not Enough Insight: How Companies Can Build…

Posted by March 26, 2023

With the rise of digital health technology, the ability to track a host of health indicators has been incorporated into wearables and medical-grade devices. T

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Joining a gym: What tests do I need to do?…

Posted by March 25, 2023

Written by Vijay Thakkar Almost 30 per cent of Indians suffer from weight problems, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research-India Diabetes (ICMR-IND

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Utilize these 10 tips to see better results in your…

Posted by March 24, 2023

Whether it’s to lose weight or build muscle, a greater number of people appear to be working out more often nowadays. They’re eager to live a healthy l

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Labcorp Shells Out $146M to Buy Enzo Biochem’s Clinical Lab…

Posted by March 17, 2023

Labcorp, currently in the midst of a corporate shakeup aimed at turning its focus to the offerings that make it one of the largest providers laboratory and di

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WeightWatchers jumps into into the prescription weight loss drug business…

Posted by March 7, 2023

New York CNN  —  WeightWatchers is getting into the booming prescription weight loss drug bus

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Travel Nurses: Risk Management Insights – MedCity News

Posted by March 1, 2023

The healthcare sector is struggling with staffing shortages. Travel nurses help bridge the gaps, enabling healthcare facilities to maintain service levels. Wh

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Top 5 IP Considerations for Medtech Companies Transitioning To Data-enabled…

Posted by January 20, 2023

Medtech companies are evolving rapidly as more and more of them develop products that collect and leverage substantial patient and provider data. Companies th

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J&J CEO: Our R&D Infrastructure Allows Us to Maintain Innovation…

Posted by January 16, 2023

Healthcare innovation — a vague term used to describe efforts to develop new therapies, technologies and ways of doing business — is sometimes difficult f

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Here are some interesting companies I met at JPM this…

Posted by January 13, 2023

Every year, MedCity News reporters receive scores of requests to meet promising companies that are hoping to solve major challenges in the U.S. healthcare sys

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