Thunder Gameday: Yearly New Year’s Eve Tradition Continues as OKC…

Posted by December 31, 2022

Tonight marks the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 15th consecutive New Year’s Eve game. Since the inception of the team in OKC, it's been a staple of the yearly rot

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NBA Mock Trade: Thunder Add Former College Teammate of Shai…

Posted by December 20, 2022

At this point in the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder must make a decision on which way to go the rest of the way. Should they acquire a marginal asset to make

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Thunder Gameday: First of Two Contests Against Trail Blazers

Posted by December 19, 2022

The Portland Trail Blazers have been solid to start the season as they look to make the playoffs. On the flip side, the Oklahoma City Thunder are still outside

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NBA Mock Trade: Thunder Take On Project From New York…

Posted by December 16, 2022

While the Oklahoma City Thunder’s struggles have been somewhat overshadowed by an incredible leap from their lead guard, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, problems sti

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Derrick Favors Training for NBA Return

Posted by December 3, 2022

Prior to last season, in 2021, in a move to acquire another first-round pick, the Oklahoma City Thunder swapped some cash and a 2027 second-round pick for Utah

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Oklahoma Lawmaker Using E-Bike Addresses Infrastructure Issues

Posted by October 12, 2022

An Oklahoma lawmaker ditched four wheels for two. And in doing so, he's gained a new perspective about Oklahoma City's infrastructure. Rep. Forrest Bennett has

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NBA Mock Trade: Thunder and Nuggets Swap Floor Spacing Bigs

Posted by September 24, 2022

Training camp across the NBA starts in just a few days, meaning final roster decisions will be made soon. This also means that teams around the league will have

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NBA Mock Trade: Miami Heat Send Center Depth to Oklahoma…

Posted by September 17, 2022

The Oklahoma City Thunder clearly need center depth after the injury of Chet Holmgren. It would make sense for them to take a low risk chance on a guy that coul

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