Building a lending business is hard. Here’s why most software…

Posted by July 24, 2023

Convenience has become table stakes now. In the past few years, especially since the onset of COVID, we’ve come to expect that what we need can be dropped

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Crypto transforming iGaming and Online Gambling

Posted by July 18, 2023

The global gambling market is growing in leaps and bounds. In 2023, it was valued at $263.3 billion and is expected to grow at 5.6% in 2023. Cryptocurrency c

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Should an International Online Gambling Project Enter the Indian Market?…

Posted by February 8, 2023

Today, India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and its potential is just beginning to unfold. Speaking about the most popular business ni

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My e-Journey – looking forward. Part 9. European interoperable trust…

Posted by January 7, 2023

I had thought that my stories would advance in chronological order - but notice that so many rungs and rail composites from the early e-ladders are important

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Rainier Connect Announces Transaction with Palisade Infrastructure

Posted by December 7, 2022

Country United States of AmericaUS Virgin IslandsUnited States Minor Outlying Isla

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Technology's response to weaknesses in financial infrastructure

Posted by November 23, 2022

Anabel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder, NovoPayment joins FinextraTV at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, to review how weak financial infrastruct

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Shopping app Karma introduces embedded checkout feature

Posted by October 17, 2022

Karma, the fintech app that helps shoppers get what they want at the lowest price by scanning for coupons and getting price drop notifications

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The contract extension decisions to watch before Monday’s NBA roster…

Posted by October 14, 2022

Monday represents more than the deadline for all 30 NBA teams to reduce their rosters to no more than 17 players -- 15 full-time players plus two players on two

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Why PySyft is the open-source hero technology the world needs

Posted by October 10, 2022

Data is the most valuable resource we have today when it comes to solving our greatest challenges. With the right data, and enough of it, there is no limit t

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Interac bids to promote 'mindful shopping' with Sound Shopping music…

Posted by September 28, 2022

With inflation and rising interest rates increasing financial anxiety among Canadians, debit network Interac has come up with a novel way

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