Worldwide Travel Restrictions Updates For August 2023

Posted by August 1, 2023

August brings the last month of peak seasonal temperatures. There is also a last hurrah of summer travel before school resumes. Labor Day weekend signals that f

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Travel Restrictions Update For July 2023

Posted by July 5, 2023

July is the peak of summer travel as families and individuals travel to see family or sightsee before school and work schedules resume. Travel restrictions are

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US issues travel advisory for Dominican Republic amid violence, sex…

Posted by June 7, 2023

The State Department on Tuesday issued a travel advisory for Americans looking to visit the Dominican Republic, a top Caribbean destination, am

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Good news for Brits wanting to work in Australia as…

Posted by May 16, 2023

Australia is finally raising its working holiday visa age for Brits, as well as Italians and Danes. Here’s everything you need to know. Australia

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Venice cruise ships: Not everyone supports the ban, here’s why

Posted by May 13, 2023

In 2021, large ships were barred from entering Venice - but the ban is yet to be enforced. Before the pandemic hit, I remember eating lunch at a ca

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May 2023 Travel Restrictions Update

Posted by May 4, 2023

May is the last opportunity for a late spring trip before the summer crowds and heat descend on popular destinations across the world. The travel restrictions r

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US to end COVID-19 vaccine requirements for international travellers

Posted by May 3, 2023

The vaccine mandate is one of the few remaining pandemic travel restrictions still in place. The United States will end its COVID-19 vaccination r

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Russia’s new iron curtain

Posted by April 14, 2023

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. Elisabeth Braw is a

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Travel Restrictions Update For April 2023

Posted by April 5, 2023

Spring is officially here, and April is one of the best months for travel as the weather north of the Equator warms up from the depths of winter. Additionally,

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Here’s the rules if you catch COVID while travelling at…

Posted by March 17, 2023

The days of frantically hoping your COVID test would be negative some 48 or 24 hours before your flight or train are luckily behind us. But the worry you'll ca

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