Survey Reveals Gen Z and Millennials Want More Regional Travel…

Posted by July 3, 2023

Dark/Light Mode (03/07/23)  A regional survey by Marriott Asia Pacific has coined a term t

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Zac Blair’s Travelers preparation was ridiculous and aspirational

Posted by June 23, 2023

CROMWELL, Conn.—Zac Blair is in contention at the Travelers Championship following back-to-back rounds of 65

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Flying through JFK? New changes coming amid $19B project to…

Posted by April 25, 2023

JAMAICA, Queens (WABC) -- Anyone flying in or out of JFK Airport will start to notice big traffic changes that will impact the Air Train, a taxi pickup stand an

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OTAs and OpenAI Partner to Launch ChatGPT Plugin For Travel…

Posted by March 23, 2023

There seems to suddenly be a great deal of speculation about what sort of impact OpenAI’s new generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT may

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Chubb Tightens Environmental Screws

Posted by March 22, 2023

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One State Warns To Avoid Mexico Altogether Ahead of Spring…

Posted by March 12, 2023

At least for Americans, Spring Break has become practically synonymous with scenes of carefree college students letting loose on idyllic Mexican beaches, a

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Are Your Spring Break Travel Plans On-Trend?

Posted by February 27, 2023

As we approach the Spring Break period, conditions (economic and otherwise) are quite different to those in years past, with travel for the mid-term hiatus

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Hawai’i Tourism Authority Releases Ma‘ema‘e Toolkit to Encourage Accurate Representation…

Posted by February 24, 2023

The Hawai'i Tourism Authority (HTA) has just released its newly updated Ma'ema'e Toolkit an enhanced cultural resource and destination brand management gui

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Why This Little-Known German Carrier Is Worth Booking for Your…

Posted by February 22, 2023

As U.S. travelers start to book flights for spring and summer travel, there's a European airline they shouldn't overlook.Condor, a German carrier based in Frank

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Avoya Integrates Game-Changing Air Travel Booking Capability

Posted by February 2, 2023

Host agency Avoya Travel has just launched beta testing for Avoya Flights, the highly-anticipated new air travel booking capability teased during its 2022

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